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christmas, CHRISTMAS HELP: I'm asking for help in advance so that It is not as hard on me and my family in the

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appleeater1990   in reply to goodnewsforyou
Just so you know. I have been trying my hardest to save money but making 7.25 an hour it is just hard for me to be able to save anything with paying the bills buying food and everything else that comes with life. and no my request is not a scam. but thanks for responding to my post. I'm barely making it by now and I know that last minute is a really bad time to try to find help.
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good grief, if you have the foresight and planning to ask for **Christmas** gifts in **July**, then you would not have to be asking for money on aidpage - you would have worked hard and saved for a rainy day - unless of course, your request is a scam.
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